Bowarege Independent Water Plant


Location, details

Project Name  Bowarege IWP
Project Location  Currently anchored in Yanbu, SWCC Facility
Name of Project Company International Barges Co. for Water Desalination (Bowarege IWP)
Unit Count & Capacity Water 52 000 m3/day
Technology Reverse Osmosis Desalination plant on 2 floating Barges
Contract Type BOOT
Start Date  1Q  2008


Project Name Marafiq / Jubail IWPP
Project Location  Jubail Industrial City 
Name of Project Company Jubail Water and Electricity Co. “JWAP” (Marafiq Jubail IWPP)
Unit Count & Capacity Power Capacity
 2,743 MW
Unit Count & Capacity Water Capacity 800 000 m3/day
Technology Gas Fuel, the plant utilizes Combined Cycle Power Plant Technology with multi effect desalination
Contract Type BOOT 
Start Date  October  2010



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Bowarege Independent Water Plant