About us

  • The First National Operation and Maintenance Company “NOMAC” was founded in 2005 and firmly established in the GCC, North Africa and South, Middle Europe and East Europe regions, providing high quality O&M (Operation & Maintenance) services for power production and water desalination projects, regionally and worldwide.

    Supported by accelerated global expansion, NOMAC is enabled to draw near to realize its vision of being the leading global O&M service provider in the power production and water desalination sectors.

    Our broad range of services includes, but is not limited to long term O&M, major overhaul of high-tech plant equipment, and development of plant-specific Standard O&M procedures. In total, NOMAC is responsible for the operation of a portfolio of
    26,010 MW of power generation and 2.83 million cubic meters per day of desalinated water production. NOMAC is the largest private sector potable water producer using desalination process in the world. NOMAC contributes 40% of water and 15% of electricity of total Saudi Arabia’s Demand.


To be a leading Global Operations and Maintenance service provider in terms of quality and market share for power generation and water desalination.


We will provide the most compelling O&M solution in terms of safety, cost and performance, to become the partner of choice.



We strive for safety at all times in all aspects of our operations. The preservation of life, the avoidance of harm and the assurance of occupational health are our paramount concerns. This is the core principal, applied to our every action.


We employ the best, who deliver the most. We aim to attract, develop and retain top talent. We value our people and provide a workplace in which skilled, talented and dedicated professionals can flourish.


Our opportunities lie in efficiencies. We never cut corners but we never miss an opportunity to streamline and optimize our operations. In this way we unlock value and achieve peak performance.


We recognize that our success depends on the strength of our partnerships and that partnerships depend upon performance. We strive to perform and to deliver, in a spirit of collaboration, with commitment, skill and professionalism.


We will always act in an honest, transparent and ethical manner. We believe in open communication and we are true to our word. In this way we will build our reputation and generate trust.