NOMAC ACHIEVED 3,000,000 Safe Man-Hour

Dear Colleagues,
On the 19th, November NOMAC has surpassed another safety milestone of (3 million Safe man-hours) worked without a Lost Time Injury. This accomplishment reflects your personal commitment to safety and to our company-wide commitment to a zero accident policy.
This safety milestone with the collective efforts of over 1,374 NOMAC employees plus many more subcontractors, all working side-by-side on major annual shutdowns and day-to-day maintenance activities globally. In order to assure future success, Safety has to remain a way of life for our company.
At NOMAC, our safety team is an integral part of each site and every project. More importantly, each and every team-mate has the responsibility and authority to keep workplace safety – Under all circumstances and with confidence. Safety is our number one core value and I deeply believe that every employee, subcontractor and person associated with our business deserves a safe and healthy work environment.
New and complex challenges lie ahead including upcoming major shutdowns - The ongoing maintenance activities will bring new risks that will have to be evaluated and mitigated fully to assure safely. I am confident that we can maintain and improve our safety performance at all of our work locations provided we maintain vigilance and demonstrate our uncompromising approach towards safety as we go about our work,
Congratulations to the entire NOMAC team - Let us keep moving forward with enthusiasm, commitment, and continue aiming for Safety Excellence.


Best regards:

Julio Torre Gutierrez,
President & CEO NOMAC