NOMAC ACHIEVED 5,000,000 Safe Man-Hours

Dear NOMAC Team,
I am extremely proud to announce that on January 23rd, 2016, we achieved an unprecedented safety milestone – We
have worked 5,000,000 Safe Man-hours without a Lost Time Injury. This achievement demonstrates our
commitment to Safety being our first and most important core value. This landmark has been achieved as a result of
our aggressive, company-wide and proactive safety programs including the People Based Safety, 5S and Process
Safety initiatives and, above all, the commitment of each and every one of our teammates all over the world.

Managing safety has never been an easy task and I would like to urge each of you to remain vigilant. It only takes for
an instant for our great achievement to disappear. In order to ensure our work environment remains accident free,
we need to improve collaboration between all departments and divisions to overcome challenges and obstacles which
continue to be present at our sites and which must be mitigated at all costs.

I would like to personally congratulate the NOMAC team as well as our contractors for achieving this impressive
milestone. Our record is not only a testament to the NOMAC teammates, who have committed themselves to work
safely on daily basis, but to the concerted and sustained efforts to create a world class safety culture as part of our
company’s growth across the globe.

Let’s sustain our commitment and exemplify safe work practices as part of our everyday work as we continue our
journey towards achieving Safety Excellence.

Best Regards:

Julio Torre Gutierrez,
Pres ident & CEO NOMAC